Roberta Silva, CEO of FLOS, in an exclusive podcast interview

Roberta Silva, FLOS CEO shares her own story with Chaberton Partners’ Senior Equity Partner, Massimo Picca in the latest episode of Chaberton Partners’ exclusive podcast Connecting The Dots – The Invisible Path to Success.

Born in a family of architects and passionate about marketing, Roberta Silva held key positions in various international contexts. Her strong determination and desire to look and go beyond led her to the position of CEO at FLOS.

“I support cooperative leadership that is dynamic and energetic to activate people’s hearts. If you make mistakes all the time, they become minor, and you learn to cope with them quickly. This way, you avoid committing a huge one.

Companies are frequently paralyzed by a fear of making mistakes. Always participate in the game. Every time I have gone beyond, I have been happy I did it. If you remain positive, you will achieve anything”.

Roberta Silva, CEO of FLOS

Dive into this fascinating new episode, which reveals the essence of perseverance and visionary leadership.


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