Eco-friendly paint & wallpaper by Little Greene 

At Little Greene, their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the environment is evident in every aspect of our operations. As early as 2004, they distinguished themselves as pioneers in the UK paint industry by attaining the esteemed European environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001.

From major corporate choices to the minutiae of daily tasks, they consistently act responsibly to curtail their ecological footprint, all the while maintaining their exacting quality standards. LG comprehensive selection includes both water-based and oil-based eco-conscious paint finishes, all harmonizing with their complete color palette.

Water-based paints:

LG water-based paints carry the industry’s most favorable eco-rating, boasting an almost negligible VOC content. This implies that concerns about solvent emissions into the atmosphere, respiratory discomfort, and unpleasant odors are rendered obsolete. Their eco-paints are essentially odorless, providing an eco-friendly painting experience. Moreover, their wallpapers are crafted with minimal environmental impact, offering transformative decor options without compromise.

Non-toxic wallpapers:

The paper used in LG wallpapers originates from responsibly managed forests, and for each tree used, four new trees are planted. The pigments employed for printing LG eco wallpaper designs are entirely non-toxic, ensuring safety and sustainability in your decor choices.

Solvent-free wallpaper paste:

For optimal outcomes, they recommend pairing their wallpapers with their top-notch adhesive paste. Formulated for ease of use, their wallpaper paste contains no solvents, aligning with their commitment to eco-consciousness.

Oil-based paints:

Traditionally favored for their exceptional longevity and superior finish, LG oil-based paints have been reformulated using sustainable vegetable oils. This innovation upholds their unparalleled quality while adhering to sustainability principles.

Sustainability beyond products:

LG dedication to eco-friendliness extends beyond their product range. LG packaging and manufacturing processes also reflect their commitment. LG paint tins, for instance, incorporate over 50% recycled steel and can be recycled again. Their efforts to augment recycled and recyclable materials have led to a remarkable 57% waste reduction in the past three years.

They also uphold recycling practices in our documentation, opting for recycled or sustainably sourced paper for all their paperwork.

Local manufacturing initiatives:

The production of their paints and wallpapers takes place exclusively in the UK, and they actively seek suppliers who share our dedication to local industries. Their emphasis on curbing pollution, energy consumption, and distribution overheads is coupled with support for local businesses.

Child-safe solutions:

LG’s range of paints prioritizes safety, making them ideal for children’s rooms and furniture. Rigorously tested according to European Standard EN 71-3: 2019, their Absolute Matt Emulsion, Intelligent Matt Emulsion, and Intelligent Eggshell paints are devoid of hazardous ingredients. 

LG compliance with EN 71-3: 2019, also known as the Toy Paint Regulations, is complemented by other sustainable attributes such as:

  • FSC or PEFC certified wood from sustainable forests;
  • 50% recycled steel usage;
  • minimal VOC presence;
  • sustainable vegetable oils in oil-based paints.

“The home is an important environment for all of us and we are pleased to be able to make environmentally friendly products that also stand the test of time! We insist on using only the finest natural, organic and safe synthetic pigments, giving superb depth of colour, high covering power and the long life expected from modern paints. 

Our water-based paints far exceed all legislation on VOCs with a VOC content of virtually zero. This means you don’t need to worry about solvent contributions to the atmosphere or any respiratory issues, or the smell; they are virtually odourless”.

Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of Little Greene


Is Little Greene paint eco-friendly?

All of their paint finishes and shades are eco-friendly. They manufacture their products responsibly and theyuse natural, organic pigments to keep their impact as low as possible. LG paint is available in water-based and oil-based solutions, so you can achieve a luxury finish without compromising your sustainable values.

Is Little Greene Paint toxic?

LG paint is tested against European Standard EN 71-3:2019, this means it is completely safe for children as there are no dangerous toxic materials within the paint. You can use LG paints throughout the home, knowing that you and your little ones are in safe hands.

Is Little Greene paint solvent free?

Yes, LG paint is solvent free. They are proud to offer their paints with a VOC content of practically zero. This means you can rest assured that your interior will not have any solvent contributions. LG paint is also virtually odourless. 

Is Little Greene Paint vegan?

Yes, LG paints are vegan. All of their paints are free from animal-derived ingredients. In addition to being vegan, LG paint is also cruelty-free. They do not support or commission animal testing of any kind.

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