Paint & Paper Library unveils captivating new shades in Original colours palette

London, England – Paint & Paper Library, the renowned English paint manufacturer, has set the design world abuzz with the introduction of nine captivating new shades in their esteemed Original Colours palette. Adding to the excitement, the company has also revived eight exquisite colors from its illustrious archive, delighting design enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Drawing inspiration from nature, culture, and the far reaches of the globe, the new hues promise to invigorate interior spaces with their depth and character. Among the standout additions is “Fynbos,” a rich and serene shade of green that evokes the tranquility of verdant landscapes. Complementing it is “Nori,” a deep, mesmerizing tone reminiscent of the mysterious allure of the sea.

From the vibrant tapestries of the Middle East comes “Soumak,” a red hue that exudes warmth and cultural richness. “Iguana,” on the other hand, captivates with its chameleon-like qualities, exhibiting a bluish depth akin to the textured skin of crocodiles. Transporting us to the African plains, “Mchanga” pays homage to the reddish earth found in the river sands of Tanzania.

The new additions also feature “Brimstone,” a medium-intensity yellow that radiates energy, and “Ruse,” a delicately softened pink hue that adds a touch of elegance. For those seeking a refined yet intense blue, “Mockingbird” promises to imbue spaces with a sense of depth and tranquility. Rounding out the collection is “Sencha,” an elegant green with herbaceous and earthy undertones that evoke a sense of natural harmony.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Paint & Paper Library has breathed new life into its revered archive, reintroducing eight cherished shades that have stood the test of time. Design aficionados can once again revel in the timeless allure of “Caravan,” “Kasbah,” “Jaipur Pink,” “Roben’s Honour,” “Scarlet n Rust,” “Pollen II,” “Mink,” and “The Long Room.”

Rediscover the timeless allure of archival shades with Paint & Paper Library

Both the new shades and the revived archival colors are now available for custom tinting at Cover paint & decor, empowering interior designers and homeowners to create personalized spaces that reflect their unique vision and style.

With the introduction of these captivating hues, Paint & Paper Library continues to cement its position as a leading authority in the world of premium paints, inspiring creativity and transforming living spaces into stunning works of art. Embrace the possibilities and embark on a journey of design exploration with the exquisite palette of Original Colours from Paint & Paper Library.

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