Introducing: Argile Laque Mate. This is the most durable matte paint we know of

A matte finish on paints looks beautiful and is pleasing to the eye, but many are concerned that such paint may not wash well and quickly lose its new appearance. Typically, high-quality premium paints are free from this issue. “Intelligent Matt” by Little Greene, “Architects’ Matt” by Paint & Paper Library, and “Mat Velouté” by Argile have a sheen level of only 3-4%, yet they clean excellently with non-alkaline cleaning agents.

However, if you need to paint walls in high-traffic areas — for example, in cafes and other public interiors or, let’s say, in a children’s room — we recommend opting for “Laque Mate” paint: it is the most durable matte paint in the range of the French manufacturer Argile.

1 The lobby of Hoxton Amsterdam hotel, painted in Argile
Interior designed by Caroline Andréoni. Walls and cabinet facades painted in Argile Laque Mate in the pink shade Rose Turc, T423. Photo: Sophie Lloyd

Features and Advantages of Argile’s Laque Mate Paint:

• it is an acrylic water-based paint with polyurethane, which provides it with impressive durability (classified as Class 1 for resistance to wet abrasion);
• it has a low sheen level of only 4-5%. Laque Mate creates a smooth texture without streaks;
• Laque Mate can be applied to both new and previously painted walls and ceilings, wooden furniture, and doors;
• the paint is available in all shades of the Argile color palette.

At Cover Paints & Decor, you can personally assess the aesthetic and performance qualities of Laque Mate by examining a sample of the finish. We will assist you in choosing the color and calculate the required amount of paint and primer.

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