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How to Choose Your Paint Finish

While selecting the perfect colour might seem like the ultimate factor in achieving your desired look, choosing the correct finish is equally as important. With several options to choose from and countless possible combinations, spending time considering which finishes are available to you and the unique characteristics of each is an essential part of planning your project. Follow this guide to learn more about the finishes and the qualities of each.

A matt, water-based emulsion paint with the ultimate soft, chalky finish
Pure Flat Emulsion

The high pigmentation of Pure Flat Emulsion gives a profound depth of colour and makes this the flattest emulsion paint available. The paint is also micro-porous, to allow the fabric of a building to breathe. Achieving an exquisite, powdery effect that particularly complements our darker shades, this paint is perfect for more intimate areas of the home such as bedrooms, snugs and libraries. Pure Flat Emulsion is gently wipeable and suitable for use on all interior modern plaster walls and ceilings.

  • Low odour, environmentally friendly with minimal VOCs
  • 2% sheen level (dead flat)
  • Quick-drying, re-coatable in 4 hrs
  • Interior use only
A high-performance, self-priming matt paint suitable for interior and exterior use
Architects Matt

Architects’ Matt is a completely washable matt emulsion with excellent scuff and stain resistance. With an ultra-low sheen of 3-5%, Architects’ Matt provides a beautiful flat finish that can cope with the activity of the modern family home.

An effective, hard-wearing paint, Architects’ Matt it is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Use Architects’ Matt on interior walls and ceilings in any space including kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. Additionally, this flat paint finish works well across woodwork, radiators and tiles, creating an immersive effect. Choose Architects’ Matt for a finish that celebrates the interplay of light across a matt surface.

  • Low odour, environmentally friendly with minimal VOCs
  • 5% sheen level (dead flat)
  • Quick-drying, re-coatable in 4 hrs
A high performance, self-priming water-based paint suitable for interior and exterior woodwork and walls
Architects Eggshell

Architects’ Eggshell is a high-performance finish suitable for all interior and exterior woodwork, metalwork, furniture and radiators. Fully washable, it is ideal for use on kitchen and bathroom walls, especially where condensation may be problematic.

Drying to a smooth low sheen of 10-20%, it is perfect for achieving a subtle yet protective finish that increases the durability of woodwork and metalwork. A water-based formula, Architects’ Eggshell is also environmentally friendly and requires no specialist thinners.

  • Environmentally friendly with minimal VOCs
  • 10-20% sheen level (almost flat)
  • Quick-drying, re-coatable in 4 hrs
  • Interior and exterior use, including kitchen and bathroom walls