Enhance your space with Orac Decor’s flexible cornices, moldings, baseboards, and captivating 3D panels

These ready-made solutions are perfect for decorating uneven or curved surfaces, as well as adding a stylish finish to arches, columns, and semi-columns.

Orac introduced a groundbreaking product 20 years ago called Flex, which allows for flexible decorative elements. Flexible moldings are essential for creating curved or uneven surfaces, like arches or bay windows.

The quality of flexible decors depends on their flexibility, which determines how much they can bend. Orac Decor is a leader in this aspect. These decors also have other important features.

Advantages of Orac’s flexible decors:

  • highly flexible;
  • resistant to moisture;
  • can be painted;
  • this means you can use these decors in various types of rooms, from entrances to bathrooms.

Orac also offers flexible 3D panels designed by Orio Tonini. These panels allow you to personalize walls and curved surfaces, such as reception desks or bar counters. They can even be used to decorate furniture facades.
See the stunning results!

A new addition to Orac’s collection is the W119 BAR MIX panel, which is also available in a flexible version. Take a look at the gallery!

Explore the catalog and prices for Orac’s flexible decors in Dubai.

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