Child-safe paints by Little Greene

Little Greene presents an exceptional range of child-safe paints that cater to the needs of young individuals.

Renowned for their premium quality, Little Greene’s Intelligent finishes have garnered the prestigious ‘Child-Safe’ certification in accordance with EN 71-3:2019, a standard widely recognized as the Toy Paint Regulations. This accreditation underscores the paints’ suitability for application across all areas of a household, boasting an absence of hazardous elements such as lead, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thus ensuring a secure environment for families.

Beyond their safety merits, Little Greene’s commitment to social responsibility shines through. The company allocates a commendable portion of its profits to bolster children’s charities, adding a philanthropic dimension to each purchase made.

Among the notable attributes of these paints is their remarkable quick-drying feature, allowing surfaces to be fully dried within a mere two hours. This expedited drying time facilitates seamless continuation of daily activities without disruption. Moreover, these paints exhibit an impressive level of durability, adeptly withstanding the demands of bustling family life, and remaining resilient to daily wear and tear.

One of the standout advantages of these child-safe paints is their exceptional washability. Accidental marks or stains can effortlessly be removed with the use of basic soapy water, ensuring a consistently pristine appearance.

  • Quick-drying: dry in as little as two hours, so life can continue without interruption. 
  • Hard-wearing: built to withstand daily contact from busy family life.
  • Washable: any marks can be washed with soapy water. 

Little Greene’s child-safe paints, distinguished by their compliance with stringent safety regulations, charitable contributions, and performance excellence, stand as an impeccable choice for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of safety, quality, and social impact in their home decor selections.

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