Interior paint Argile Blanc d’etretat (T114)

t114 blanc d etretat a4 1
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The natural world provides an infinite number of colour combinations, and has inspired Argile’s palettes which deliver a multitude of different hues in an inevitable harmony. Argile introduces these melding landscapes into your decorative spaces and projects. 

Terre blanche, craie bleuté, grès jaune, rose de naples, chypre brûlée, terre d’afrique, sable doré, noir de vigne, vert d’égypte… Argile’s colours naturally harmonise with one another. 

Appropriately selected, the colours will transform a space into your chosen landscape.  

The representation of the colours on-screen may differ from the colour chart and from reality. It is strongly recommended that you use the A4 paint samples or 125ml tester pots to accurately select colours.