Argile couleurs de terre

Interior paints Argile

A Brand Born from the Earth

Argile — Earth-inspired Parisian brand with a timeless color palette. Argile draws inspiration from the natural world, creating a timeless palette of unique, refined colors. Each shade is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of harmony and sophistication in any interior space. From serene to bold, Argile offers endless possibilities for interior design. You can buy Argile paints at our Cover showroom in Dubai

High Performance Paint

Discover Argile’s high-performance paint, blending sublime colors with innovation for a technical and superior trade quality. Each tint is monitored by their color specialists, ensuring the incomparable quality of the paint. Rooted in industrial manufacturing, Argile combines artisanal and trade techniques to continuously improve the formulation of its exclusive products.

Environmentally Conscious

At Argile, we’re committed to eco-responsible R&D, formulating technical paint with bio-sourced resins. We strive for environmental technological excellence, pursuing a respectful approach to the natural world in interiors and living spaces. Join us in our commitment to sustainable solutions for the future.

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